Spirale de Ben

Spirale de Ben

lundi 23 mai 2011

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  1. Nevada - Oregon room with Alec Baldwin, long known.
    That was given up by VIRGINIA.." stupid"...because TEXAS gave up them.

  2. And btw..the HO are the SEALS and LOWE!
    THAT was given up by the NAVY SEALS and " SC....SCOME"...explosives.

  3. And since I am here, Ryan Seacrest and Teresa Heintz - LA
    Talking EF with SA -CT- YEMEN.
    They all want out of " DODGE".
    They say NEVADA Guy Hure is involved with Carmen...
    And the " bee" is pedophile RAP!
    And that is from LA- LADD and ROVE.
    So, just to let you know who is who.
    Everyone uniting to nail the QUEEN, now, becuase it is HER corruptions that screwed EVERYBODY and forced racism beyond " belief".
    Movie- " KANSAS KINGS" with MICHAEL MANN, will show this.